Social Worker Services

 Social Worker Services

Case ServicesProviding emergency crisis support, counseling, consultation, face-to-face conversations etc. to families in need. This service aims to strengthen the function of the family by linking families to appropriate community resources.                  

Student Growth Group – Students are trained together in groups, allowing them to develop self-care, social and concentration skills whilst helping them adapt to primary school life.

Parent Group

Parents will be equipped with the confidence on how to teach their child and create a harmonious relationship within the family. The parent group will also form an excellent network for parents to be supportive of each other.

Parent-child Workshops and Talks

Parent-child activities are held to allow parents to enjoy quality time with their child, fostering a healthy parent-child relationship.

Teacher training and workshops

Social workers will come to the school and conduct training sessions for teachers, enhancing their professional skills in teaching. Moreover, social workers will also hold workshops for teachers to learn how to stay composed during their daily work, enhancing their mental well being.

 Contact Our Social Worker

Stationing Schedule:Every Monday & Wednesday

If parents require the service of our social worker, they may call the school and make an appointment during the school’s opening hours.

Parents can also contact Ms. Karen Chow , the stationing school social worker on other days by calling 2111 2055.