Our Team

All our teachers are professionally trained in Early Childhood Education. They are passionate and committed to their teaching and regularly undergo continuous professional development training. There is also a social worker service scheme providing assistance to pre-primary children and their families with welfare needs through cross-profession collaboration.

2018-19 Academic Year


Venue: HKSKH Tung Chung Nursery School

Theme:Behavioral Issues and Counseling Skills

Speaker:Mr. Lo Chak Chuen Eddie (Clinical Psychologist)

Five of our teachers attended the training. The speaker helped our teachers to understand the causes of children behavioral issues and introduced some useful counseling skills through handouts, interactive games, role-plays, case-studies and group discussions.


Venue:St. Andrew’s Christian Central Church, Kowloon

Theme:Enhancing Learning Effectiveness by Brain Gym

Four of our teachers attended the training. The speaker systematically explained the theory of Brain Gym. He classified the brain exercises into different categories and visualized them into numbers and actions to aid teachers in memorizing the exercises. The speaker also shared how to incorporate Brain Gym into games, allowing for teachers and students to undergo Brain Gym together. One example is the technique of “Thinking of an X”, which can be incorporated into daily physical games, transforming the ribbon dance into “double doodle”. Teachers can also insert “lazy 8s” into their teaching materials for arts or languages. This training gave teachers an insight into methods of integrating Brain Gym exercises into the curriculum.


Venue:Solar Tower, Ma Wan

Theme:Retreat for Frontline Workers

Two of our teachers participated in the training. They experienced the “Journey of life” and reflected on the sweetness and bitterness of life through painting, interactive experiences and mindful eating. They learnt to nourish their life by transforming their experiences into positive energy and reminded themselves to always be thankful and joyful at all times. Moreover, the teachers participated in the “Pastel Nagomi Arts” activity and learnt about the techniques and aesthetics of “Pastel Nagomi Arts”. They understood that there is no way to evaluate the beauty of individual artwork pieces. It is more important to appreciate oneself and others. They look forward to bringing back the knowledge, skills and attitudes learned in this session, sharing it with the students.

Dates:16/10/2018(Tue) – 20/10/2018(Sat)

Venues:Osaka and Fukui, Japan

Theme:Early Childhood Education Overseas Exchange in Japan

Our teachers went for exchange in Japan with the Child Service Team. They visited three different education organizations and learnt about the Japanese education curriculums and culture. Japanese education emphasizes nature and life education. Students there were provided with ample opportunities to get in touch with the nature such as by planting, raising animals and using natural materials for teaching purposes etc. In addition, Japanese schools highlight the importance of free play. This encourages self-learning, inspires the creativity of students, giving them the opportunity to explore with their five senses. Simultaneously, home-school collaboration is emphasized in the Japanese education culture. Parents can participate in a range of activities with their child to learn about their performance, allowing them to closely accompany their child’s growth. After returning to Hong Kong, the teachers shared with colleagues their exchange experience and takeaways from discussions with the teachers in Japan, looking for ways to incorporate the excellence of Japanese education into the curriculum.

Dates:3/12/2018(Mon), 10/12/2018(Mon) and 17/12/2018(Mon)

Venues: The Education University of Hong Kong, SKH Tung Chung Nursery School, SKH Ha Sui Wan Nursery School

Theme:Teaching Students with Special Education Needs Through Musical Therapy

Sheng Kung Hui invited speakers from The Education University of Hong Kong to lecture teachers on how to teach students with Special Educational Needs through musical therapy. Interesting musical activities such as playing different musical instruments, singing, performing, moving to a rhythm etc., can stimulate different zones within the student’s brain. These musical therapy activities aim to enhance student’s communication skills, cognitive and language development, as well as improving their attention span, emotional control and expression and movement coordination.

Dates:8/1/2019(Tue)- 10/1/2019(Thu)、15/1/2019(Tue)-17/1/2019(Thu)

Venue: Hong Kong Productivity Council

Theme: Caring for the Learning Diversity of Kindergarten Students (Basic Course)

One of our teachers participated in a training course held by the EDB on how to cater for learning diversity in kindergartens. From listening to the case studies shared by the speaker, the teacher gained knowledge on how to design individualized education program with an open-mind and how to adjust existing school-based curriculum to match the interests and needs of the student. The teacher applied what was learnt in the training session at our school by redesigning the school curriculum to enhance the student’s learning and self-care ability.

2019-20 Academic Year

Date:11/10/2018 (Fri)

Venue:HKSKH St Simon’s Tai Hing Nursery School

Theme:Training for ‘Free-play Teaching’

Teachers visited Tai Hing Nursery School for an exchange on ‘Free-play Teaching’. They explored the school’s environment and observed how students at the school interacted with their teachers and the school environment during free-play sessions. The teachers learnt about the techniques adopted in ‘Free-play Teaching’, including game design and how the teaching materials were used. They hope to employ the concepts of ‘Free-play Teaching’ in future activities.

Date:1/11/2019(Fri) and 23/1/2020(Thu)

Venue: Solar Tower, Ma Wan

Theme:The Nature and Life Course

Six teachers from the school participated in the training. Through different scientific experiments, the teachers learnt how to lead students in exploring the mysteries of science.

Date:1/11/2019(Fri) and 23/1/2020(Thu)

Venue:Saint Paul House of Prayer, Sisters of St Paul de Chartres (Hong Kong), Sheung Shui

Theme:Physical and Mental Health Teacher Retreat Day

Six teachers from the school participated in the retreat day. Through sharing their personal experiences with other teachers, they had a better insight into their own feelings. They also used this opportunity to learn to care for themselves and the needs of others. Moreover, with the help of nature in the background, teachers were able to gain peace of mind. They made their own piece of craftwork ‘My utensil’ which helped them to review the past and look forward into the future.