Name of Organization   

The name of the organization is defined as H.K.S.K.H.ST. SIMON’S SAI KUNG NURSERY SCHOOL

PARENTS AND TEACHERS ASSOCIATION, hereafter referred to as ‘PTA’.

Address     The organization is located at DD215, Tan Cheung Village, Sai Kung, New Territories.
Aims The aims of the PTA are:
a) fostering a close bond between families and the school in addition to nurturing a friendly relationship amongst parents and school teachers; and
b) working together to enhance student welfare and quality of learning.

a)The following people will automatically be members of the PTA:

i)All parents of current students of the school ; and
ii)Current school principal and all teachers of the school.

The PTA was formed with a view to strengthen the communication between the parents and the school. Every year, the PTA organizes various events for parents and students. Four events were held successfully this year, which included: The 10th PTA Second General Assembly, Family Day at Holiday Farm, Christmas Party and Parent-child Physical Fitness Day. Moreover, the PTA operates a mini-library with board games and books, allowing parents to borrow and use at home to foster the physical and mental development of the child and enhance parent-child relationship.

PTA First General Assembly


Christmas Party

Parent-child Physical Fitness Day


Parents-child Yoga